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It takes know-how to create naturalness in a speaker. Voice your capability to lead, and speak with the power to inspire action. Clarify your core intent, engage using inquiry based word models, and deliver with authentic connection. Transition from Speaking to Communicating. Change your outlook on public speaking, and foster talent through innovative, creative tools. You can even learn to sing… after you’ve had a standing ovation for your keynote address…

What about those ‘naturally talented’ in public speaking? They were testing their skills on their buddies in the schoolyard at age 4. Maybe it’s time to catch up and learn what makes ‘it look so easy’.

How to communicate your lea...
November 14, 2012 - 5:11 am

How to communicate your leadership | Communications strategies, public speaking strategies By Mary Michaela Weber,  Published in Jobpostings Magazine, October 2012   Want to be taken more seriously? Have your ideas listened to? Have people follow you? Then it’s time […]

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It is believed that 7.5 million people have diseases or disorders of voice. Some of these disorders can be avoided by taking care of your voice. - NIDCD

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