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christina andersen, singer, musical theatre

WOW!! Talk about fast results. I can finally open up the full range and power of my voice, with only 4 hours of training with M.M.Weber. 

I had struggled unsuccessfully to access my full range for years, despite extensive training, and winning or placing well in many competitions.

Now I can tear the roof off when I sing.  Ah... 

Thank you so much Mary!!


rick green, writer, actor, director

History Bites; The Red Green Show; Prisoners of Gravity; The Frantics;

Today during my 'Voice Coaching session' with Mary  Michaela Weber at Voice Empowerment, I did an exercise on a yoga mat where I got to be Santa, then Marilyn Monroe, and then Santa again. Back and forth. 

At the end of it I was not longer pigeon toed. Long story. Pelvis is involved. By the time I left I was shaking the room and not straining my vocal chords. This woman is smart but strict.  No nonsense. "No... No... Yes! Hear the difference?"

And I did. 

If you want voice training she's amazing.  Comes at it from very different angles. 

taylor smile guitar.jpg

Taylor Abrahamse, Voice Over Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Owner - Silverthorn Studios

Voice of Fangbone, on 'Fangbone', Canadian Screen Award winning show, airing on Disney XD, Voice of Stanley on 'The Stanley Dynamic' on YTV, Singer, Songwriter, Finalist: Canadian Idol

I’ve worked professionally as a voice actor & onscreen actor in series aired around the world, and as a singer since a young age - I've had great vocal coaches, but nobody who has provided me the kind of results Mary has. Working with Mary helped me to build an incredible vocal endurance, and added new sounds to my animation voice roster I didn't think I could ever reach.

You will be shocked at the capacity you will have after training with her, and the progress you can make in just a couple sessions. Mary sometimes works in mysterious ways, like all wise teachers, but the end result is always remarkable results.  I have comfortably referred many people to Mary.

Normally, as a voice actor, the expectation is to be exhausted emotionally and physically after four hours of recording as a lead character, and to be done for the day. However, when I was performing as the lead of Luke Stanley on the animated/live-action sitcom hybrid The Stanley Dynamic, I was working 8-13 hour days, FIVE DAYS a week, week after week with minimal time off. Also during this time, once a week (on the same day as a Stanley day usually), I was playing a drastically gruffer and deeper sounding lead character, 'Fangbone' on the Disney XD animated series of the same name, doing various voice auditions, AND on the weekend playing 3-hour music shows, and recording comedy songs for a popular Youtuber's channel. I never would have successfully taken on, or attempted to take on this level of vocal demand, without the training provided by Mary. In particular, when I listen back to Fangbone (or playing his British alter-ego Fred Bone), you can hear how my voice evolved into something comfortably deep, gritty, and virtually unrecognizable from my natural voice - a depth I never thought my voice could achieve, especially with that amount of sensitivity, elasticity, and ease. 


Becky Shrimpton, Voice Over Actor, Regularly featured at comic book conventions worldwide

Voice of Bon Bon in Five nights at Freddie's, and Helen Flood of US Fireman Sam.

Recent Commercial spots for Colour Science cosmetics, Telus, American Express,, Glad, and Science Diet

As a professional voice actor, I'm very aware of my voice and it's limitations. I knew I wasn't reaching my full potential regarding issues with my breathing, range, and endurance. Mary came highly recommended and in the few months I've been working with her, I've seen significant improvements in all those areas. Her approach is like nothing I've encountered, in terms of seeing the effects extremely quickly and helping me develop even more awareness of my voice and body. I recommend her for any voice professional looking to up their game.  

Peggi LePage, Model, Model Scout

Gavin McLeod, TEen Actor, Singer

Youtube star, disney channel, band: hawthorne

Working with Mary Michaela has been an extremely positive experience for my 12 year old son Gavin.

During their time together Mary has shown Gavin how to be more confident and charismatic when he is performing and most importantly she helped him unlock the “big” voice that he wasn’t aware he had.

Mary has become more than a vocal coach for Gavin. She is a mentor, a motivator, a friend! Thanks Mary for being so passionate about what you do.” - John McLeod



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