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PEAK Program

Presence. Excellence. Authenticity. Knowledge.

PEAK cultivates elite public speaking skills, with proven results, a learning level, and pace designed for experienced, global, talented speakers. Get customized results, and targeted effectiveness in public speaking, and in-house presentations.

"The standing ovation was one of the most incredible experiences of my life."

- Rob Forsythe, Senior Vice President, Farm Mutual Reinsurance

PEAK COACHING COMPARES TO COACHING olympic skaters, who are at their peak.

When an olympic skater steps on the ice, the issue is not if they can land a double axel, the issue is if they can leave the crowd touched, moved, and inspired.


PEAK coaching enhances executive communication with direction that is subtle and differentiated. Refinement of public speaking tools provides the ability to energize change, differentiating good leadership from great, approachable leadership. 

PEAK is an elite speaking skills training tailored for CEO's, top Executives, Politicians, senior Leadership Teams, and Entrepreneurs. You benefit from a coach with 20 000 hours of training.

Peak is leaps and bounds beyond a beginner's presentation skills training program.  PEAK offers subtlety in public speaking and presentations skills, as well as content strategy. Olympic medals are won and lost on subtle expression, the reach one has into the crowd, the use of the pause.

peak services

  • Speech theme design consultation
  • Speech delivery consultation
  • On-set video coaching
  • Consultation with Public Relations 
  • Customized warm-ups
  • Voice coaching & maintenance, body language coaching
  • Modular training programs


  • EVEREST Communications Audit
  • PEAK Foundation Skills
  • Programs Tiers: Base Camp, Vista, Summit

Proven benefits

  • Target professional & political gain
  • Become a rockstar onstage
  • Efficient use of time to prepare 
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Improved conference evaluations 
  • Increase approachability & presence
  • Enhanced inside communications 
  • Memorable messages
  • Impact created in presentations to the board, annual reports, town halls, product rollouts
  • Strategic positioning of ideas through speeches and use of media
  • Development of humour & warmth
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Thank you for making me more approachable.
— CEO of major financial institution, following critical AGM speech, remembered by audience members for years later
  • Target issues
  • Assess development arc
  • Establish clear goals
  • Get honest feedback

People who climb EVEREST are not rookie climbers. These are elite climbers who want to summit the world's highest peaks.

speaking is a supply chain for ideas.

How well do your ideas reach your 'consumer'? 

Get clear and direct feedback on where your skills are at, and set clear growth targets.

People in positions of power often have a vulnerability in the level of honesty and rigour that will be brought to them. Assess the effectiveness of your speeches, media spots, or interviews. Learn how you speak one-on-one, or in a boardroom, how you conduct Q&A's or handle positive and negative responses.

ASESS: Vocal Delivery, Body Language, Use of Intention, Pacing, Cadence, Rhythm, Habits, Skill in Frame Ideas, Audience Relationship, Ability to Inspire, Use of Technical Information, Data, Approachability, Engaging Leadership, Ability to Energize other speakers, Ability to energize audience



compact program, elite presentation skills

5 HOURS, Customized Modular Training, Group or Individual Sessions


  • BREAKING THE BOX:  IDENTIFY your audiences needs and tailor your language to them.
  • GRAB:  CREATE THEME based organization of information, engage through compelling story and metaphor.
  • VOCAL DYNAMICS:  PERSUADE by MODULATING your pitch, volume, projection, breath, inflection, pacing, use of pause.
  • BODY 2 TALK:  CREATE LISTENING in your audience, express leadership, invitation, and directive.
  • INTENTION:  INFLUENCE a room with a grounded approach for specific, measurable results, increasing your approachability.

CLIENT WINS = Measurable Results

Applause from the board of an international pharmaceutical company for the VP of Sales for Canada, on the THIRD day of meetings at the END OF THE DAY.  4.5 hours total coaching.  MODULES:  Vocal Dynamics, Body 2 Talk, GRAB, Intention.

Industry award winner enjoys a massive standing ovation, with the front half of the room in tears for an industry award speech. 2 hours editing:  GRAB  4 hours coaching.  MODULES:  Vocal Dynamics, Body Language

WXN Top 100 Luncheon for 1000 people runs 12 minutes ahead of schedule, entire meeting is more vibrant and engaging than a similar event the previous night.                  3 hours coaching & strategy consultation for the Luncheon host.  MODULES:  GRAB, Vocal Dynamics, Intention (leadership), Body 2 Talk

A speaker who used to "scare their clients" receives highest speaker ratings at a major US marketing conference, is now asked to keynote International Conference. Clients in South America 'sought out her company because of her speaking skills. 6 hours coaching.  MODULES:  GRAB, Vocal Dynamics, Intention (leadership), Body 2 Talk

VP of major financial institution has a vocal problem with a scratchy voice and inaudible projection for the past 5 years.  The issue is resolved in 1.5 hours. 3.5 hours coaching.  2 hours in PEAK Group Session.  1.5 hours PEAK Individual Session.   MODULES:  Vocal Dynamics, GRAB, Intention.