Who is Mary Michaela?

The standing ovation I received was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
— Rob Forsythe, Senior Vice President, Farm Mutual Insurance
Mary Michaela Weber

Mary Michaela Weber

Mary Michaela is a 'voice mechanic', unleashing the voices of leading artists in Canada, and one of Canada’s top communications consultants. MM is known for using wit and a smart sense of strategy with creatives and corporate wizards alike.

Her company, Voice Empowerment Inc., brings her background of over 20,000 hours of training to CEOs and Executives in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Ivey League University professors, and up-and-comers across North America and the Caribbean.  

Mary Michaela Weber is currently writing a book on singing, and book on speaking for business leadership.

I did not know someone could change so much. I have seen many performers as a manager of successful bands for major labels, and the change I saw in Jay from Mary Michaela Weber’s work is something I did not know was possible.
— Louisa Key, Road Manager, Sam Roberts, Calin Porter, The Joy Drop


Mary logged in over 20 000 hours of training in her search to understand the complexities of the voice, body, and mind.  

A ten year study over three continents encompassed extensive psychophysical training in Feldenkrais, meditation, breath work, chi kung, and the speaking and singing voice, over several continents.  

She initially began singing with Sister Bonnie McLellan, who holds a B.Mus from Western University, and then at Queen's University with Carolyn Reifel. She followed that with intensive study of the Werbeck method, and speech training, followed by further study in dance and the speaking voice, in Switzerland and in New York.

Mary received numerous scholarships in Europe, Canada, and the USA during her education.


Mary Michaela Weber

Mary Michaela Weber

I’ve worked professionally as a voice actor & onscreen actor in TV series aired around the world, and as a singer since a young age - I’ve had great vocal coaches, but nobody who has provided me the kind of results Mary has. Working with Mary helped me to build an incredible vocal endurance, and added new sounds to my animation voice roster I didn’t think I could ever reach.
— Taylor Abrahamse, Professional Voice Actor, Musician, Owner of Silverthorn Studios
You must feel like a magician.
— VP of major Bank, after hearing her voice project freely for the first time, 3 hours of coaching
I can finally open up the full range and power of my voice, with only 4 hours of training with M.M.Weber. I have struggled unsuccessfully to access my full range for years, despite extensive training, and winning or placing well in many competitions. Now I can tear the roof off when I sing.
— Christina Andersen, Actor, Musical Theatre Singer
Every time I have a major speaking gig coming up I depend on Mary to get me into shape. Her highly trained ear hears what I never notice and would never distinguish. She identifies where my pronunciation gets lazy, making me-rushed-and-hard-to-understand-with-words-sluring-tehter-n-impossel-tafallow. (What did he just say?)

Mary is sharp and focussed on results, training me to hear what she hears and sending me off with tools and exercises to build my volume, clarity, and especially my breath...(Inhale)... so I’m not running out...(Inhale)... of breath in the middle of a ...(Inhale)... sentence and having to take ...(Inhale)... many short breaths.
— Rick Green, Writer, Actor, Director History Bites; The Red Green Show; Prisoners of Gravity; The Frantics; TotallyADD.com , Recipient of the Order of Canada
Mary has helped me discover the highs and lows of my vocal range beyond what I thought was possible.
I now have the confidence and trust in myself to sing in front of an audience. Thanks to Mary, my passion for singing has deepened, and my singing voice has developed in the process of working with her.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Nick Freeman, Business Consultant
The exercises Mary uses helped me see how my body is connected to my voice. The exercises helped me get connected to my voice, and to where my sound comes from, and where it goes, so that I use it powerfully without straining my vocal cords.

My daughter and I love how passionate and knowledgeable Mary is about voice and sound. Her exercises are fun and we could hear changes in the quality of sound almost immediately.
— Nisha Kumar, BA, ND., Maya Kumar, daughter