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Singers and Stage Performers: Power and Range

In this four-hour workshop participants will learn initial key voice and breathing techniques to unlock misplaced tensions and open the core of the voice.  Walk away with Power Warm-Ups to build endurance, loosen up your voice, and energize you before a performance.

Differentiate your voice, for deeper intimacy and expression onstage, and isolate your Power, Projection, and Volume for maximum effect.

You'll walk away with tools for vocal endurance, and efficient projection, while you'll open power and range that you never even knew you had.  

Workshop Highlights:

  • Effortless Effort:  Specific Exercises to 'Get in The Zone'
  • Bring a 2 minute musical selection, 3 copies of the sheet music, & mp3 of the song 
  • Spatial awareness exercises to expand stage presence
  • Powerful tools to root the voice deeply into the kinaesthetic awareness
  • Sports Psychology for Performers with both practice and performance applications
  • Power Warm-Ups for pre-show energy, and vocal endurance
  • Opening the Core Voice for power in ways you didn't know you had

Spaces limited to 15 participants per session