Why are Voice Exercises so WEIRD?

I’ve been doing voice exercises in various forms for about 30+ years and I haven’t met a single one, in any method, that really, wasn’t kinda weird.  WHY ARE VOICE EXERCISES WEIRD?

Typically voice exercises engage intrinsic muscles and re-educate them, in relationship to producing your voice.  Most people haven’t gotten in touch with those structures since they were about 2-5 years old, so they now exist below the level of the conscious mind.  All those cute things babies do Baabaabaaa etc?  Yeah, they are trying to get a handle on how to use their body, and how to produce sound, and they are working HARD to figure it out!

You’ll be re-educating your body map that you built at that time in your life, that creates your core voice patterns.

When you start trying to figure out how to use the voice, it seems foreign and even a little confusing at first. It's a bit like walking through a dark room and trying to develop your night vision at the same time, or perhaps, a little like watching martians try to talk to a telephone.